About Waleed Yousef


  • 2011
    Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering

    Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

    Power and machines division, Alexandria University - 2011- Graduation project: Utilizing Solar Energy in Power Generation and Water Desalination - Grade: Excellent - Won MIE \"Made in Egypt\" 2011 First Prize Organized by IEEE Egypt Gold.

  • 2011
    Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering

    Master’s degree in Control systems

    Master’s degree in Control systems: Alexandria University – 2018 – GPA: B, Thesis: Trajectory Control of Robotic Manipulator.


  • 2012 - 2015
    Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company

    SCADA/DMS Operator Engineer

     Monitor and control the operation of the electrical power network, using SCADA/DMS, receives system alarms and locates trouble areas.  Manage voltage drop, short circuit, power factor and overload issues in a timely manner.  Dispatch duty electricians to problem areas, directs and coordinates base switching, and perform remote switching and control.  Provide engineering support to the operation and maintenance of the power distribution network in SSs, DPs, Kiosks, etc...  Monitor performances of electrical systems and recommend improvements.  Analyze system failures and suggest appropriate resolutions.  Set up scheduled outages for periodic maintenances.

  • 2015 - Present
    Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company

    SCADA/DMS Software Engineer

     Build network model and graphical displays.  Build/update/configure databases for SCADA/DMS applications. (e.g., Permits, area of responsibility, alarming, tagging, historian, load flow, load shed, state estimation, VVO, DER).  Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in system databases, displays, and interfaces.  Provides engineering and technical support to DMS technicians, distribution control operators, DCC engineers, DA engineers and DA technicians on SCADA and DMS application modules.  Diagnosing and fixing network problems and hardware or software issues.  Maintain security, backup, and redundancy strategies.  Develop and maintain appropriate documentation and operating procedures for all system and application functions.  Develop software scripts to generate various types of reports.

  • 2019 - Present

    SCADA/DMS Integration OJT

    o Reviewing and evaluating tender documents for the new SCADA/DMS project. o Reviewing the submitted solutions. o Generating periodic reports of work progress and deviations. o SCADA/DMS Integration in 10th of Ramadan City OJT:  Install various servers - HP Proliant - and workstations as determined requirements.  Set up and establish connections between various secondary components (KVM switches, network switches, firewalls, printers, audio devices, etc.) to integrate the system components.  Installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining complex TCP/IP network security, routing, and physical network topologies.  Configure switches, routers, GPS clock and other network components.  Install operating systems for workstations and servers and deploy VMware.  Configure products such as software settings, database configuration, define rights and permissions for groups, define sources etc.  Active Directory administration and group policy management, in addition to DNS, back up and integration of computer systems.  Developing and performing component and interface level integration tests.  Troubleshoot the integrated solution as necessary. o Performed successful FAT in 10th of Ramadan City for the SCADA/DMS. o SCADA/DMS Integration and modeling in Alexandria City OJT:  Installing server cabinets, Workstations and Barco.  Troubleshoot and test network devices.  Building the SCADA model using E-terrasource.  Building the network displays using display builder.  Pre-SAT tests.