About Ahmed Yousry


12 yrs, IT Programmer, Database Developer, Data Analyst

Dear Sirs,
An accomplished IT Developer with proven expertise in creating policies and procedures, project management, database development and documentation with 12+ years of experience in the UAE.
Data Analyst:
I use my programming skills to extract data from different types of document, my database system knowledge is used to create and maintain relationships between table, link records and use it to generate reports and run complex queries.
Ability to automate processes using windows forms by filing text boxes and maintain data and ensure data accuracy for reporting purposes.
Seeking to further enhance professional skills and contribute to the growth of a forward thinking organization (the IT industry is my principal interest and marketing is another area that I would be interested in if given the opportunity).
1.https://www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PLPw69qvu06YUT9XI4TZ53oLEVcygtIlAM



  • 2018 - 2020
    Meydan Group Company – Dubai, UAE

    Software Engineering / Database Management & Data Analyst / admin Team - Procurement Department

    ProcSYS - Software Development & Database Management (Visual Basic .net & SQL) Development of Internal Documentation System (ProcSys) (VB.net), Tracking Documents, Electronic Filing, Documents Circulation, Documentation of Contracts, Purchase Orders, Tender related documents Main functions: Managing company’s documents while ensuring their accuracy, quality and integrity. Adherence to record retention policies, safeguard information and retrieve data effectively. Store, manage and track company documents. Organize and maintain documents and archive inactive records in compliance with lifecycle procedures as well as records retention schedules. Process “requests for information” and maintain tracking logs. Managing company details (Trading Licenses, Contact Details, etc) – Pre-qualification process. Maintain & Generate document template (Contracts, Document Transmittals, General Outgoing Letters, Invoices, etc) Demo ProcSYS (Electronic Document Management System – Demo Data Analyst - SQL Programming Data extraction from Structured Data, Semi Structured Data, Unstructured Data, and Binary Data Main functions: Data Preparation using complex SQL Queries Visualize data into charts Generate reports & Dashboards Compare & Link Data Demo Data Analysis Using SQL – Demo

  • 2008 - 2018
    Nakheel Development Company PJSC – Dubai, UAE

    Web Development & software engineering (Database Management) – Process Design / admin- Planning Department (Engineering).

    SRF (Submission Registration Form) - Software Development & Database Management (Visual Basic .net & SQL) Developed and hosted a workflow system, at department level, generating automatic e-mail notifications and invoices (this was a temporary solution while implementing a permanent system). Main functions: Design & manage workflow of various application types Assign received applications to reviewers Reviewers respond to assigned application Generate response email Generate Invoices for applications Reports (Reviewer Responses, Pending Applications, Application Duration – Quality Control Purpose) Demo SRF (Submission Registration Form) Workflow System - Demo. ERD for Document Management System - Demo Process Design Design Processes and seek approvals from management prior implementation. Main functions: Design process diagrams for management approval Apply process diagrams to Workflow System Testing & Coordination with Developers. Demo Security Deposit Process Diagram - Demo. Planning Application Monitoring System (PAM) – Microsoft Access PAM is a management & operational tool to facilitate the monitoring of progress & performance in the processing of planning applications for the waterfront project. Main functions: To facilitate access to the status of any planning application at any given time. To facilitate the assessment of performance in the processing of planning applications and supporting technical assessments. To facilitate an assessment of resource requirements to process planning applications and supporting technical assessments. To facilitate troubleshooting, where problems and issues arise (eg from 3rd party developers) To provide data/information for reporting purposes (e.g. CRUP – monthly meeting and DRB) Demo Planning Application Monitoring (PAM) Presentation - Demo.

  • 2008 - Present
    Active8fitness.ae , reggiesfood.com

    Web Developer (freelance job)

    Web development is a passion and a hobby. Main Achievements: Created new web site www.activ8fitness.ae Amended web site www.reggiesfood.com Produced new pages and managed links using Adobe Dreamweaver (HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, etc.). Alerted contents of existing pages (including logos). Workflow System design Concept using PHP, Bootstrap, mysql – Demo

  • 2008 - 2008
    Preston University

    Web Developer (EDMS Masters Project) – ASP.net & SQL

    Document management systems are designed from the ground up to assist entire organizations seeking to manage the creation, storage, retrieval stored as documents. Unlike a file structure on your PC, a DMS revolves around a centralized repository that is used to manage the storage of any type of information that could be of value to an organization - and protect the same against loss. Main functions: Document management system is used to track and store electronic documents (PDF\'s, Sound clips, Excel files, PowerPoint files, Word documents, etc) It is also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users. Document management system acts as centralized system to exchange documents and knowledge. Categorizing different type of documents under appropriate document type and linking number of related documents Tagging documents for searching purpose Follow up on documents


Data Analysis Using SQL
Web & Database Development
Business Problem Solving using Programing Languages & Database Development