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Pioneer Recruitment Agency In Egypt

hold preliminary interviews with potential candidates within our office and then provides a short list specifying the best candidates for each position. The second interview be by the client for final interview and selection. MBS provide the client with replacement candidate , if their is reason to stopped the selected candidate working, during the trial period for free.

Our recruitment and executive search activities are based on partnering with our clients in reaching the optimum outcome. That means acquiring an in-depth understanding of the role and the market, conducting an extensive search including in-depth interviews, submission of initial and final short list, and providing follow up with all parties until successful completion of the assignment. Any assignment has its own demands and criteria and we treat each assignment with individual attention to match those demands and criteria as closely as we can.

In order to achieve the above we have an extensive and updated database of candidates (80,000+ candidates from Egypt), as well as using targeted head hunting activities, networking, recommendations and referrals, and media advertising to maximize our chances for successful outcomes. We also pride ourselves on our consultative role in the whole process: we are there to advise on cultural and educational issues, market conditions, remuneration levels, and salary negotiations on behalf of both parties. The ethical and partnering approach to our work gives us an edge over market competition and has earned us such accolades as “professional, honest, perseverant, discreet and excellent follow up”